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This plugin is made for data quality enthusiasts!

Access and manage the metadata of your notes in Obsidian.


In Obsidian, metadatas are information defined in Yaml syntax in the front matter section of a note. Metadata are very convenient to categorize notes and make queries to find them. Some plugins have leveraged metadata to make advanced queries against your vault, such as Dataview. Dataview has also introduce a new syntax to define metadata anywhere in a note (not only in frontmatter but also in the body of the note) with the syntax fieldName::value

Metadata Menu adds context menu items to modifiy target note's frontmatter fields and "inline fields" (dataview syntax) by right-clicking on the link, accessing options in the command palette, or within dataview tables.

You can define preset types and values for those fields globally in the plugin's settings or on a file-by-file basis thanks to fileClass definition

It also enables frontmatter of inline-field autocompletion with suggested values based on preset values.

demo 1 : basic features, settings and field types

demo 2: autocompletion and "in sentence" fields commands

demo 3: File type fields

demo 4: Date type fields

demo 5: Templates for Input type fields:

demo 6: FileClass

demo 7: Time shifting for spaced repetition or date postponing

demo 8: Lookup fields

demo 9: Lookup fields as bullet list

demo 10: Better Select and File fields

demo 11: Supercharged Tags, multi fileClasses and metadata button

demo 12: Fileclass View

demo 13: Canvas fields

demo 14: Create a Kanban board with Canvas Group fields